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2012 Survey of Christian Reformed Congregants

Every five years since 1987, the Christian Reformed Church has polled a representative sample of its members for their opinions on a variety of issues affecting the church. In 2007, for the first time, the survey was conducted online, using the Internet. We invited responses from more than 100 congregations across the United States and Canada. This valuable project was repeated in 2012 with 260 congregations. Our congregation was selected as part of a random sample to receive the survey.

Survey Results for Woodlawn Christian Reformed Church

Survey Reading Guide

The Center for Social Research provided a survey reading guide to explain each of the sections in the survey results report.

Download Survey Reading Guide {1.9 MB}

Survey Results

The survey results fall under five (5) main sections: Demographics, Region and Denomination Comparisons, Faith-related Matters, Stewardship, and Overall Healh. For an explanation of any of these sections, see the above reading guide.

Download Survey Results {2.6 MB}