Woodlawn - Belong

About Us

Woodlawn Christian Reformed Church has existed as a congregation since 1968 and meets on the campus of Calvin College, in the southeast corner of Grand Rapids, Michigan. On Sunday morning we worship in the college chapel and during the week we work out of our Ministry Center, which is located right across the road from the college.

Our primary identity is as simply Christian: we are broken people called by God, equipped by the Spirit and saved by Jesus. We see ourselves as part of a broad family which includes the Roman Catholics and the Eastern Orthodox and Baptists and Presbyterians and Pentecostals and Lutherans; a family that includes little storefront churches and huge suburban mega-churches; a family of people from all over the world who call Jesus their Lord and try to follow him.

As Reformed Christians we identify with a smaller part of that big family. We Reformed people emphasize the sovereignty of God and Christ’s claim over all creation. This whole world belongs to God, and Christ didn’t just die to save human souls; he died to restore the whole creation. We Reformed people feel called into all spheres of life – science, art, music, literature, medicine, commerce, politics – and we use our gifts in these places to make the world a little more healthy and a little more whole. God has a project: He is making all things new and we’re agents of that project.

As members of a particular congregation named Woodlawn, we see ourselves called to some very specific aspects of God’s project. Because we’re located on a college campus we try to minister to students and faculty.  Although we are not under the college’s supervision, we are located right on campus, so we definitely see ourselves as partners with Calvin. That means we try to build relationships with students, with faculty and with staff. Our vision also extends beyond the campus. There are many needs and challenges just outside our church’s front door. We want to use our gifts, talents and time to address those needs with Christ’s love.

We love our church, we are excited by the way God’s grace moves in our community, and we are eager to see where the Spirit will lead us in the future. We would love to meet you and greet you in the name of Christ. Please visit us during our morning or evening Sunday worship services, or stop by our Ministry Center during the week to introduce yourself to our pastors.